Anonymous hushed: 5'3. 36C. 130lbs. I'm not depressed but when I'm alone I tend to get sad. I love cuddling but kissing is also a favorite.

come be my friend please

Anonymous hushed: i would love to come off anon friend but i'm just a dumb 14 year old ;A;

you arent dumb and all my friends are younger than me and i dont even act my age so dont worry

Anonymous hushed: 5'3. pansexual. brown eyes. 130 lbs. I love reading & cats & cuddling & I don't consider myself depressed but sometimes I'm really sad

lets be friends and i can make you laugh and smile again

Anonymous hushed: 5'3", dark brown hair, brown eyes, 36 DD, kinda chubby but people tell me otherwise, 126 lbs, ugly - I love disney movies and sarcasm and bad jokes and food and sleeping and cuddling and masking out and kissing and i'm kinda stupid and a crybaby but i mean well and also i make awesome food (like spaghetti heck yes and cake awww yea and mac and cheese oh yes) and i like apple juice and i'm not really good at anything but i'll listen to you whenever you need it and try to help kinda

omg come off anon and be my friend please

Anonymous hushed: T

uvwxy&z next time wont you sing with me